• Anthony D’Aconti

The COVID Opportunity Factor: Doubling Down on Digital Marketing

Where do we go from here?

As our face-to-face world shelters in lockdown, how do we reach the consumers that fuel the small businesses we know and love?

The challenges on the horizon leave small business owners scrambling to make sense of a world stripped of trade shows, exhibitions, networking, and the mutual trust behind the age-old business handshake.

COVID-19 rendered word-of-mouth marketing built on hard-won reputations almost obsolete—and even larger corporations are waking up to the shock and disbelief.

Scaling back on traditional marketing isn’t just the practical move. For many, it’s our only move.

However, axing our traditional marketing budgets welcomes an advantage: it opens to door for shifting towards digital.

Small businesses investing in digital for the first time—many with no history of even owning a Facebook page—are testing the waters across new channels from SEO and mobile responsive website design to content branding and social media influencer marketing.

And each one presents a unique opportunity for us to adapt to the changing climate, reinvigorate a sense of hope, and find a way to power forward during unprecedented times.

Adaptation empowers transformation.

The buzzword in post COVID digital marketing is adaptability. For example, meeting new customers and fostering relationships on the web rather than at a trade show or in a boardroom.

The business world is already adapting to remote work and virtual meetings on a growing scale. Small businesses embracing the transformation—by shifting their budgets towards building better websites, stronger brands, and more targeted search engine optimization campaigns—can gain an edge on the web.

The time factor.

Spending less money on traditional marketing also means spending less time. And that gives us more time to focus on finding our next customer in the digital space.

Now is the time to experiment with new strategies—from redesigning your small business website to optimizing your website for Google.

If you are unable to spend your marketing budget on traditional strategies—and you are open to trying something new—then digital marketing presents a real opportunity.

Wanting to spend the money without knowing how could be a good problem in our post-COVID world.

From temporary hack to long-term strategy.

No one knows how long the pandemic will last or how it will impact small businesses over the long term.

But when business gets back to normal—and we begin the journey back to the warm, familiar places we love to network, connect, and grow—the small businesses embracing shift to digital now can emerge on the other side with more marketing power than ever before.

The measurable results can guide your future decisions to make digital an integrated part of your long-term marketing budget—right there working in tandem alongside the traditional marketing strategies in your regular toolbox.

Succeed in both strategies and you can spark a transformative marketing synergy you never knew existed.

The same digital strategies we use as an emergency tactic during the pandemic-driven business lockdown can become long-term value channels we can depend on long after the dust from COVID-19 settles.

And what better goal than to—not just survive the pandemic—but emerge stronger on the other side?

Advice from Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett once advised, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

The harsh truth is that we’re facing a projected 2.7 trillion dollar hit to our economy. And most businesses—driven by the fear of a recession—are cutting back on both digital and traditional marketing and advertising. But their fear opens a window for your “greed.” That’s because the best time to double down is always when others are dropping out.

Less competition. More opportunity.

A down economy means less competition—and that means easier, faster results for the businesses that power through full speed ahead.

If the market continues its downswing, many companies will go bankrupt, get bought out, or get bailed out. It’s a sad reality but again—less competition for you.

Less competition means more eyeballs on your small business not just today but down the road—even after the pandemic.

The more your competition pulls back, closes, or slows down, the more you can strike and gain market share.

But don’t just strike once. Double down to gain an edge now and over the long term.

Time to ante up.

When we finally bounce back from the pandemic, the greatest spike in revenue and ROI will find the small businesses who doubled down on their digital marketing while the competition backed down.

Use this time to adapt and empower the real opportunity for transformation.

Find the courage. Take the chance. Double down.

Build your website, brand, and business.

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We understand the challenges standing in the way of every small business—and we know every marketing strategy for small business growth demands a big return for a small investment. 

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